Kaiba OST - Twinkling Photon
This website is not affiliated with the actual Ranboolive. I am a fan. My actions do not reflect Ranboo's character, only mine.
hello and welcome to my humble little abode on the big wide web! my name is mortis but some call me morty, martin, fawn, or momo! been meaning to make a website here for awhile just never rlly found the free time until now! i hope you like taking a peak into the inner workings of my brain that i've projected by making this website, and hopefully i can also make friends from this little project of mine!

there's no real reason behind why i picked this url other than the fact that it wasn't taken and i like ranboos content. hell i may even change it some day i'm not sure yet.

Site updates

DATE- filler
2.4.24- made dreaming mary shrine
1.27.24- made shrine hub
10.9.23- finished interest page
7.18.23- friend section :3
5.10.23- interest page made
5.9.23- about me and working music player
1.3.23- got rid of to-do list revised layout
1.1.23- made to-do and site updates widgets
12.30.22- made the main page
11.9.22- created the website!

coding is tough!